It's Been Awhile

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I just noticed the can of Planters peanuts has the allergy warning CONTAINS: PEANUT. on the back.  Seriously? Did someone not realize that a can of peanuts contains peanut?

Mandoline Slicer Accident

Well, I hosed my finger up pretty good.  Rapidly slicing fresh rinsed potatoes on a mandoline slicer, I inadvertently permitted it to violently liberate 2 slices of my finger, each about 1/8" thick, with impressive alacrity.  I didn't feel a thing until after the second cut was made.  Once I felt the tiny little nick (it seriously felt like pricking my finger on a tack), I looked down to see a completely clean wound simply engulf with blood.

Between trying to show my wife my destroyed finger and clean it in the sink I somehow got it wrapped up in gauze (BAD idea - keep reading...) and got it to stop bleeding.  I knew what "stuck pig" was like before, but this was a good reminder.

Some 4 hours or so later, we went to remove the gauze.  The blood clot hat attached the gauze to the remnant of my fingertip.  This was a nightmare to undo.  If you are reading this because this has happened to you, just find a vicodin or something.  I'd have rather waxed a very sensitive area than done that.  Wow. Anyway, I finally got the gauze off and re-bandaged it with a band-aid with some Neosporin, some gauze, and some medical tape.  Basically, a breathable, clean, no-stick, antibacterial covering.

Unfortunately, I didn't get video or anything of that.  I didn't want to either - it was a gruesome, bloody mess that I probably couldn't post up here anyway.

So, this is where I leave those with weaker stomachs behind.  The pictures beyond the break are pretty graphic, so don't say you weren't warned...


I just lugged 100 pounds (seriously, we weighed the mess) of books to Bookman's on Ina.  They take like, 5 books, and offered me $4.50 in cash or $28 in store credit.

It would have been a better value to have burned the goddamn books in a fireplace and realized the savings in the heating bill.